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MEMS 2-Axis Accelerometer

I picked up a Memsic 2-axis accelerometer from the sensor drawer at radio shack. I’ve never used an accelerometer before and this one uses MEMS technology. I hooked it up to my BS2-IC via breadboard and uploaded a maze game. … Continue reading

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Wireless programming with Roboduino and XBee

Wireless programming with Roboduino and XBee

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Adding a Parallax Ping to an AVR using C

Introduction I chose to go with the Parallax Ping Ultrasonic Sensor for this upgrade to my robot. Though only tested on an ATmega8, 168, and 128 this should port over to any AVR 8-bit RISC microcontroller. The reason I chose … Continue reading

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Atmel AVR High Voltage Fuse Reset

(Lesson Learned: Divots should face each other) Parts: 1 – Breadboard1 – Set of breadboard jumper wires2 – ATmegas (one good one, and the one you’re locked out of)2 – Regulated power sources, 12vdc and 5vdc1 – LED1 – 2N3903 … Continue reading

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