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Simple Weather Bash Script

This simple weather bash script was written with the intention of piping it to a text to speech program such as flite or festival. However, it can be used for any sort of text notification such as printing to the … Continue reading

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x10 Rain8II sprinkler weather scripts for use with Heyu

I use Heyu-2.9.1 for X10 home automation running on a Sheevaplug. For irrigation, I purchased a Rain8II from WGL Designs some time ago. With the Rain8II you need an X10 ON, and OFF for each zone to control it, unlike … Continue reading

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Well I got a sheevaplug. I don’t feel like writing now so I’ll update this as I feel like it. Reserved for sheevaplug

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Linux Voice Recognition and Speech Home Automation

Here is a video I made for the Syno contest: Please read more!! I was able to successfully cross-compile and run Julius Voice Recognition Engine on my Synology DS209. I am working on trying to compile Festival w/ MBROLA engine … Continue reading

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Flite TTS on a Synology NAS

I was able to successfully cross compile a text-to-speech engine called Flite which is very lightweight to run on my DS209j. This means you can use HEYU or Misterhouse to output speech upon an event. Here is my config … Continue reading

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Misterhouse on Synology NAS

Misterhouse: I’ve confirmed that misterhouse does work with /dev/usb/ttyUSB0. I recommend unzipping Misterhouse in /usr/local DiskStation> cd /usr/localDiskStation> gunzip < /volume1/Downloads/misterhouse-2.105.tar.gz | tar xvf – Make sure you run the configure which uses h2ph. h2ph is just a perl script, … Continue reading

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CM11a, Heyu, and domus.Link running on Synology NAS

I have an old HD11a which is just a re-branded CM11a, and I verified that it does work through the usb/serial converter I have. Using optware ipkg (ipkg is a must!) I was able to install HEYU. They also have … Continue reading

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