Linux Voice Recognition and Speech Home Automation

Here is a video I made for the Syno contest:

Please read more!!

I was able to successfully cross-compile and run Julius Voice Recognition Engine on my Synology DS209.

I am working on trying to compile Festival w/ MBROLA engine in place of Flite for better TTS voices. I am also looking at Cepstral and AT&T Natural Voices.

Another good program to look at would be DomotiGa + Gambas for linux HA.

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3 Responses to Linux Voice Recognition and Speech Home Automation

  1. Ron says:

    Hi, did you tried to get Gambas crosscompiled? I'm the author of DomotiGa, and just bought an DS410, so will looking at it too. But there are a lot of dependencies, and have to do some reading on cross compiling for Synology.

  2. Can you be anywhere in the room and use voice control or you need to be near a microphone ?I have a similar setup but its more on remotely controlling lights and air condition. I added voice control too, I used sphinx4 but have to be near microphone for it to work which I don't like.

  3. Brandt says:

    Baby monitors are very sensitive and non-directional, so they would also pick up a lot of noise from the television or if you have your window open from the outside world…

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