Homemade Benchtop Power Supply

For all my robotics and electronics prototyping needs!!

For Christmas, my step-mother received a new laptop, that being said there is always old junk that needs to go.

(I always can think of way to put old desktops and laptops to work.)

Anyway, I snatched up the power supply out of the old desktop and followed this tutorial:


Now easy access to these regulated voltages:
24v (+12, -12), 17v (+5, -12), 15.3v (+3.3, -12), 12v (+12, 0), 10v (+5, -5), 8.3v (+3.3v, -5), 7v (+12, -5), 5v (+5, 0), 3.3v (+3.3, 0), -5v (-5, 0), -12v (-12, 0)

When I have time I am going to go in and modify it a bit. I am going to add the switch to the front panel, as the one on the back panel is hard to reach. I am also going to add a 3mm LED holder, because when the LED contact touches the chassis it grounds, and does not light.

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